How to Get Your Dog to Stop Begging, Once and for All!

You set the table and call your family to sit down to dinner. It may take a little while to get the kids to show up, but there is always someone you can count on to be present even before you announce that dinner is ready – your dog. While you love your four-legged family member with all of your heart, the constant whining and jumping up at the table are about to make you go bonkers!

One of the greatest instincts all beings have is the instinct to find food, which is why your trusty canine companion always comes around whenever food is readily available. It doesn’t matter how well fed your dog is, if there is food available, he is more than likely going to try with all of his might to get some.

His ears perk up, the sad “I’m starving” eyes go on and your dogs sits there and waits for you, or anyone else sitting at the table, to fall victim to his unbelievable cuteness and give him a morsel. Even though you know he is far from starving, you give in because it is just so hard to resist his sweet little face. However, while you may think that you are only giving your dog what he wants, you may actually be jeopardizing your pooch. The truth is, overeating can have a negative impact on a dog. It can lead to weight issues, heart problems and a host of other health-related issues. If your dog is notorious for begging, stop giving in and tossing him scraps. Instead, re-train him not to beg; believe it or not, you’ll be doing him – and yourself – a world of good.


Here are some tactics that you can use in order to put a stop to the begging.

Train Yourself

The very first step in dog training and have them stop begging from the table is to train yourself. If you want your dog to stop begging from the table, you are going to have to stop giving in to the begging. Remember Pavlov’s dogs? Every time a bell rang, the dogs would arrive because they knew they were going to be fed. Well, the same idea applies to your dog begging from the table. If your dog successfully earns food every time he begs, he is going to continue doing so. Those big puppy dog eyes may be difficult to resist, but you simply must avoid giving into the begging if you want it to stop.


Part of training your dog not to beg from the table, and training yourself not to give into temptation, is to simply ignore. You know that your dog isn’t hungry and he certainly isn’t going to be harmed by malnutrition. Put simply: If you ignore his attempts to beg, he will eventually stop begging.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key when you train your dog to do anything, including putting an end to the begging from the table. Be consistent with your efforts. If you give into the begging, your dog will never learn that begging isn’t an acceptable behavior. Using a verified Long Island dog trainer will help you to help your dog.



Patience is also extremely important when training your dog to stop begging. He isn’t going to stop begging in one day, but if you are patient and you follow through with the above mentioned tips, you will soon see the results that you are looking for.

For more tips on how to get your dog to stop begging from the table, or for any other dog training tips and tricks, give us a call today! We provide all types of animal training for all types of dogs, and our methods have proven to be successful time and time again! If you really need to train your dog quickly, you might want to think about board and train dog training.